Wake Up Jane

by Judd Wasserman

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This album was originally released as a "Forget Me Nots" album called "House" in 2008. I decided to re-order the tracks and re-release it as a Judd Wasserman album. All songs are written by Judd Wasserman. Thanks goes out to Rachel Sage whose contributions to this album are completely invaluable.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Lauren Bridges.


released August 8, 2008

Judd: vocals, guitars, drums, bass
Rachel Sage: violin, vocals
Katelyn Mallone: piano
Lob: banjo on track 8

Recorded/mixed: Judd
Mix assist and invaluable ears: Rachel Sage
Mastered: panicStudios
Photo: Kristina Wunsch (www.poppiphoto.com)
Cover: "Uncle" Jim Stamper



all rights reserved


Judd Wasserman Seattle, Washington

"There is often a great divide between musicians who are self-taught and those who have studied music in some formal manner. One of the things I appreciate most about Judd is that he has been able to have a foot on each side of this divide. He remains accessible. Even the most hard-core curmudgeon would have to respect that this band is great at what they do."-Sheldon Rosevear vanguardseattle.com ... more

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Track Name: Roller Coaster Ride
When you're coming through
My neighborhood tomorrow would you bring
That crumpled letter that I left in your
Apartment in the spring
'Cause I needed to know a couple
Names from my past that I couldn't recall
But the name I thought I needed most
Turns out I didn't need at all

Do me favor and tell my friends that I'm doing fine
'Cause you no longer want to be on my
"Roller coaster ride"

Look into the pieces of shattered yesterdays and
find illusions scattered here near and far away while
I've been drawing circles onto little pieces of paper
And then watching them all burn
Come and watch them all burn

When you called the cops on me
I should have seen it coming long before
It was really no surprise
After all, I did "knock down your door"
You said I'm lazy
But you should think before you speak
You only see me twenty minutes out of the week

Burned away my destiny, and sealed it with my fate
Now the door is open, but now it is too late
Turn around, watch me try
Let me see you grow
How much longer must I wait?
Now I want to know
Track Name: Glad
Glad I've got someone to walk around with me
Glad I've got someone to keep me in good company
Glad I've got someone to help me pass the time
Glad I've got someone to help me ease my troubled mind
My troubled mind

Glad I've got someone to help me break the rules
Glad I've got someone to teach me things that
Can't be taught in schools
Glad I've got someone and not someone else
Glad I've got someone, glad I'm not just
By myself

And I'm glad I've got you
I'm glad I've got you
I'm glad, glad through and through
I'm glad I've got you
I've got you
Track Name: Up To Our Knees
Vacationing in the islands still sinking
We couldn't remind it to drink up
Until it was silent and now
This boat is silently rocking
The newspaper said it was shocking
The flotation device locking in place

People please
We're up to our knees
Frozen in a freeze
We're up to our knees
I used to think that I was floating in a bottle
But then the tide had changed and I didn't want to go
I used to think that I was floating in a bottle in the snow

Lines strung out like a virus is shifting
Its shaving papyrus leaves
Drifting along in the winter time snow
Track Name: Going To Reno
I'm going out to Reno, Nevada
To win me some gold for my hon
Yes I'm going out to Reno, Nevada
To make it big in the desert sun
The lights they shine so bright in her casinos
They shine for me all in a row
And for every nickel that I spend there
I'm bound to make twenty I know

I know some folks have a problem
Spending too much of their time
Spending too much hard-earned money
And losing every every last dime
But me, oh my luck is different
Just you wait and see
'Cause I'll bring me home a pocket full of money
Right here in the land of the free

My darling, she'll be waiting for me back there
And I know she's looking pretty as can be
But if I come home empty-handed
She's going to find another man instead of me
My darling wants a kitchen and a bathroom
But me, I don't mind sleeping on the floor
So I'm going out to Reno, Nevada
'Cause my darling she won't take it anymore
Track Name: Chew Me Up
I'm a dog toy for you, good boy
Chew me up and spit me out
I picked you up just like a bomb before I
threw you on the lawn, just in time
To watch you explode

You hit me like a ton of bricks, but I thought that
You would help me fix the widows you took out
And what's more, it's hard to keep an open score
When you know what it's about
When you know what it's about
Track Name: Wake Up Jane
Wake Up Jane, it's time to go
Catch the morning sunrise
Your sleeping dreams have been
Filling in your dark eyes
But now they can fly
Spread their gentle wings
For the day it fills with joy
With the love you bring

Watch the leaves change as
The seasons come and go
And if you're rearranging colors
Let me know
You know I think of you
Though sometimes it don't show
All the times we shared
So long ago
Track Name: Crooked
Dying is a worn out card
In a deck of none
Trying hard to see the face
Of a man, one you can't erase
In a shuffled hand
In a crooked world where none is true
With the exception of you
You see the door, but you can't get by
Not until the race is mine

Living in an awful place
Well you've got to bust out that space
To clear the air with ones you know
So you can better breathe and the seeds you sow

In this crooked world where none is true
With the exception of you
You see the door, but you can't get by
Not until the race is mine
Track Name: Walls Within
Trust is a game show played on primetime
You spin the wheel and the crowd cheers
But there's no parting gift for last place this time
The final bell rings in your ears

Trust is a toy you find in toy stores
A brand new doll a brand new day
I swear to God you are what they'll find this time
You are what they'll find any day

See the breaking of the mirror
See the cavalry rush in
Mark their paths with a rusted razor
Making new plans from walls within

The host says that the game show's over
The camera men get in their cars
But they can't hear the loser
Screaming on his way home
He makes a wish and counts his stars
Track Name: Summer Song
Yes that's the place I want to be
Picking flowers, climbing trees
Oh won't you play outside with me?
Won't you play outside with me

Come outside and let's get freaky
Sit with me behind the tree
Oh won't you play outside with me
Won't you play outside

Oh, summertime is here at last
The wintertime went by so fast
Won't you play outside with me
Track Name: House
Coming in from the mountain
Coming in from the rain
Coming right on through the cracks
Where we healed the pain
And they're coming like a pack of dogs
And they're ready for the game

Coming in from the mountain
With my soul at hand
And I'm walking through the back door, feel
Barely a man
But when I go to sleep tonight
I'll think about the band

If you find me sinking
Don't pay any mind
I might be buy thinking 'bout an
Answer hard to find
But if you're going to leave me
Then please give me a sign

'Cause I wanted you to come with me
When I left this house
Didn't want to be left here all alone
In the shadow of a doubt
And driving home alone tonight
I could do without
I could do without