Annie Says

by Judd Wasserman

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Recorded in 2004 and 2005, this album marked the first time I would record and play all the instruments myself, (with the exception of saxophones and flute.)


released November 11, 2005

Judd: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, piano, electric piano
Brad Schrandt: saxophones, flute
Lindsey Rhodes: backing vocals on "Another Lonely Night"
Engineered and mixed by Judd

Cover painting: Annie Smith
Cover layout and lettering: Jim Stamper



all rights reserved


Judd Wasserman Seattle, Washington

"There is often a great divide between musicians who are self-taught and those who have studied music in some formal manner. One of the things I appreciate most about Judd is that he has been able to have a foot on each side of this divide. He remains accessible. Even the most hard-core curmudgeon would have to respect that this band is great at what they do."-Sheldon Rosevear ... more

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Track Name: Another Lonely Night
It's just another lonely night, sitting all by myself
Lonely night, here with nobody else
Tried to call you on your phone
But you were obviously not home
So I'm here sitting all alone

It's just another lonely day, what more can I say?
Lonely day, you cannot hear me anyway
Tried to call out your name in the night
But you were nowhere in sight
So I'm here, and I'm all right

'Cause when I say that I love you
I hear you say that you love me too

It's just another lonely eve listening to myself breathe
Lonely eve, I feel just like a leaf
Falling down from a nearby tree
You're not around, I'm as lonesome as can be
Track Name: Goodnight Texas
Goodnight Texas, I bid you farewell
You've treated me kindly, you've been hot as hell
I'm traveling South now to the Quetzalcoatl
Goodnight Texas from the Old Cactus Hotel

Made an arrangement with good San Jose
Left me in a bind but I was on my way
Now I'm crossing the border, on my stomach I lay
Beneath barbed-wire fences on this hot, southern Summer day

Whoa, and it feels so right
Whoa, as I say goodnight

Parched, cracked pavement on a desert highway
Sunbeams hot at the peak of day
The water hole's empty but I'll still find a way
Carrion birds circle and watch them fly away

Fly away
Track Name: Easter Isle
When I look back on my life
I see a circus that's come undone
Elephants and monsters lurking
Where there used to be none
Clowns parade around in armies
You can watch them smile
You can catch them sunbathing out on Easter Isle

When I look back on my life
I see a circus that's come undone
You can look up at the sky from different places
But it's still the same one
Take your chances on what you believe in
And do what you feel is right
Even if sometimes you feel like you're nesting
In a beehive
Track Name: A Better World
Controlled by forces of nature
They teach our children to hate each other
Controlled by forces of nature
Thoughts we receive seem like nothing at all
Nothing at all is what they want you to think about forever
They're clever
The time, the time is now to teach us how to
Make a better world

Elder people are not a burden, they are a blessing to us
Pay the price and see behind their sacred eyes and ice
Is quickly cracking to expose what we used to
Have as our human resolve to make a difference
And see behind the eyes of us all
And make a better world

Come on now, come and help the people out
Come on now, gotta do something

A singular situation is right down here on the planet we call Earth, there's something inside
That won't let go of the feelings Ive got to show
Myself a way out of the mess that we've created today
And tomorrow we'll see beyond the joys and sorrow

And make a better world
Track Name: Chartreuse Nightingale
Chartreuse Nightingale,
Keeper of the dawn and night
Track Name: Tow The Line
I just can't worry about you anymore
I've got to hide that feeling away
You caused me nothing but a headache
So I just can't worry about you today
You left a note upon my table
It said some things you wouldn't say
But the things it said didn't quite match up with
The things you do every day

So I just can't worry about you anymore
It's just too hard to tow the line
I wish you well and if you change your mind
You can just step right on through my door

The necklace that I gave you
I haven't seen it in a while
But that's okay, you didn't wear it anyway
Maybe it just wasn't your style
I will admit to some discrepancies
But not the underlying theme
Well it must be summer because I'm laughing out loud
Living out my dream
Track Name: The Mindsweeper
You wake up from a dream, a dream of yesterday
As you brush the sleep away
You greet this brand new day
And the thing was on your mind, but it's gone now
It must be close behind, you look ahead anyhow

And so you drive your car to a place that's not so near
But you don't get very far
When the mind sweeper appears
So you try to throw him off down to the ravine
But he flies back like a moth to a light that isn't clean

And the people bow their heads
To the streets the beggars beg
While Santa Claus brings toys
To all the good boys and girls
And not a sound is made, and the sweepers aren't afraid
They sneak past the machine
And you wake up from a dream
Track Name: Undivided Shore
They tell you that you're gonna be all right
Come 2042, it's gonna be okay
You'll live to see that day, and even if you don't
They'll still have your social security
To help to feed your family
Humanity, it's a calamity
It's gonna be okay
They tell you anyway, that even if you're poor
You've got more in store
It's gonna be all right, you see just come tonight
And things will be just fine
Yeah things will be just fine

Now you sit at home and stare
At the walls and they are bare
But barely, where did you go when you wanted to
Get away from the system that tricked you into thinking
That you were one of them, but really you are you
But it's all that you can do

Always remember where you came from
It's the only thing you started to ignore
Some day you'll be across the ocean
Searching for an undivided shore
There's nothing you want more

Until you close the door
There's nothing you want more
Track Name: Candelabra (Reprise)
I went to bed last night with a burning desire
And when I woke up today, my heart was on fire
And now to you I say that once in a while
I may get this way, my tact on a desert isle