Dear Abe Lincoln

by Judd Wasserman

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Dear Abe Lincoln,

Things are getting pretty strange, but your face is on the five-dollar bill. There is a needle, and it's pointing up to space- it is standing in Seattle near a harbor.

And I'm wishing you could hear me and we'd take a walk outside. I could show you 'round the neighborhood, you'd show me 'round your pride. I could see all of the angels swimming 'round us in the light, as I'd watch you take your very first bite of something you ain't had before.

Dear Abe Lincoln,

Could you try and help me out? You see I've got some thoughts that I can't seem to handle. When times got tough; when the country was demanding of you more than you could manage, did you falter?


released November 8, 2011




Judd Wasserman Seattle, Washington

"There is often a great divide between musicians who are self-taught and those who have studied music in some formal manner. One of the things I appreciate most about Judd is that he has been able to have a foot on each side of this divide. He remains accessible. Even the most hard-core curmudgeon would have to respect that this band is great at what they do."-Sheldon Rosevear ... more

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